Angelababy beautiful makeup is not difficult!

Nov 5,2016
Cute makeup style of Hong Kong star is greatly preferred women.

Selecting black costume to appear in an event but still look youthful again Angelababy, lovely. Her secret is cardboard attractive nude makeup with high tufts of hair. This is also the style of makeup is a lot of choice for Hollywood stars Emmy Awards which took place not long ago.

Selection transparent costumes, Angelababy looks extremely sexy and seductive.


Brown cardboard soil nails are also very consistent with the style of her nude makeup.


The emphasis is focused on the eye, lined with pink cream felt on the entire eyelid elected. Then lined with dark purple shirt.


Use a round brush to spread pollen grams Council elected lid section, then use cardboard moss to create focal points for the eyes and damage the edges lower lids. 

Add a little yellow emulsion main section between elected eye to sparkle.


Use pink blush peach light canopy under cheekbones and slanted towards the temples. Pink lipstick and matching orange lip gloss.

Radiant face after makeup.

With makeup, you can use makeup or go to a party every day looks very natural at that still stand out.


Video Angelababy beautiful makeup is not difficult!

By: Garcia Martinez