After Samsung Note 7, many aircrafts are equipped fireproof bag

Oct 19,2016
Some airlines are equipped with fireproof bag on the plane to avoid fire hazards from electronic devices with batteries over heating.

The move was made after the incident the company phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 revoked because of fire. The fireproof red bag with zipper, designed to 1,760 degrees Celsius heat resistant container devices such as mobile phones and laptops.


Alaska Airlines is one of the first to implement the use of these bags on its flights. Virgin America also said it will follow. Delta Airlines is planning to put the bags against fire up all of its 900 aircraft, beginning with 166 aircraft across the ocean and some Boeing 757 domestic flights. Each trip will be equipped with two pockets at the end of this year.

The phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded causing battery overheating due to airline safety concerns. Photo: Michael Klering.

Airlines are such as American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines currently has no plans to use fireproof bag. However, the crew of company is trained to handle similar situations.


A series of preventive measures to be taken after the incident the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fuming flight on Southwest Airlines. Earlier this week, the US Federal Aviation Administration has issued an updated guidance on Samsung phones, requires "passengers on the plane off, not use, charging, or give in any checked baggage set What is Samsung Galaxy Note 7, including devices that are recalled and replaced."

Fireproof bag capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1,760 degrees Celsius, which was put on a plane after fire incidents Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Photo: AP / Lee Jin-man.

The British Airways, Ryanair and easyJet recommends all passengers off the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during the flight, do not have to plug in the charger and hand luggage.


Many companies such as Qantas, Air Asia, Air Berlin, Dragonair passenger carrying banned phone Samsung Note 7 both checked baggage and carry-on baggage or by side person. Virgin Australia is even noted that visitors should not bring the phone line to the airport.


Earlier this month, a number of major shipping lines including Carnival and Royal Caribbean also have banned passengers and employees using Samsung Galaxy phone on the boat for fear of fire.

By: Gray Ramirez