A woman lost 120kg heavier than 300kg thanks to sex permanent

Oct 23,2016
Thanks to this incredible method, her weight has dropped spectacularly Patty Sanchez from 327kg to 207kg for a short time only.

No ugly women, only women unknown person his fiction. By combining diet, exercise and sex habits of moderation, she Patty Sanchez, the world's fattest woman living in Nevada, the US has reduced the 120kg before the surprise of family and friend.

In the past, the weight of 327kg Patty hits each.


Because eating habits perennial sweet Per Day, Patty were 13,000 calories into the body loaded. At one point, she hits 327kg. Due to her ex-boyfriend is in favor, the more she ate more. However, after a tearful farewell, Patty decided to change their mode of living.

Cupid has smiled again with Patty when he gives her the opportunity to meet young pilot Bryan Johnson. Not only help Patty diet, Bryan also help her lose weight by regular sexual relations. They said that it is also effective training methods. Combining diet and activity, body weight decreased significantly Patty.

Share with media, Patty said she feels lucky to have met Bryan. The main common points of thinking and way of life has made them closer together. Bryan is the person themselves like women plump, but he said that Patty still should lose weight to be more healthy body. Patty hopes in the future she will lose more weight in order to become more beautiful bride entered the Hall.


Thanks to hard "relationship" with your loved one every day, Patty weight was significantly reduced.

There she fell is 120kg.


The arrival of Bryan has made life better Patty becomes permanently.

By: Gray Ramirez