9MUSES A 'Lip to Lip' M/V Makeup

Nov 27,2016
With 9MUSES makeup in "Lip to lip," selecting bright and transparent substrates, pristine feeling



Coming fall and winter, red lipstick will resume "warming" to 9MUSES in "Lip to lip," refreshed and radiant than in the days of cold, gray. 



In fall and winter, the weather was gray and pale skin more vulnerable, so red lipstick would be a good choice to make you look radiant and more attractive. I also like this lipstick, especially when you need to party, party, party with friends. I also had a few articles about makeup and red lipstick before, today will introduce to you a makeup with a light background and transparent layer of 9MUSES the m / v "Lip to lip," then, sure sure there will be more options for the make-up with her classic lip colors that:





The first is to use skin care mask to moisten the skin autumn winter often falls on parched state. After the mask on the skin for 5-10 minutes, rinse and apply creams with high humidity.





Attention should choose creams suitable for your skin type, in this article, Nathalie Paris used Clinique moisturizer for dry skin cream when using the fingers gently massage in a circular motion.





Next, using NARS dot concealer onto the uneven skin color. Blend well using a brush layer concealer, then spread a thin layer of powder on the skin.



Use chalk to create MAC blocks in soft and gentle Highlighter, approval under the cheekbones, jaw and around his temples. Use a large brush for powder highlight thin canopy and natural ease.






Use a blush brush to spread propeller highest point of the cheekbones, ear upward slanted canopy will face more neat, then using a brush residual dispersion over the face to face more rosy. Mineral water spray to keep the skin, making makeup last longer.


Use a flat brush to spread brown eyebrows. Then brush brush trees are used for natural brow line. Use light cream eye color striped background sky above the eye, then hit the tail hit the eye and eye socket with a very light gray. Use a flat brush gray edging below the lash line.





Use a white eye pencil Pencil NYX Wonder beat the light under the brow and in the lower eyelid rim. Use a flat brush, spreading light to the first pearly eye. Broaching 2 mascara to top lashes and lower lashes.Red lipstick to step it here! The first of her lips draw with a red lip pencil to shape the environment, limiting lem is. Then, using red lipstick and lipstick on her lower lip. Miles a little powder on the lips for lipstick off the ball, and with the divorce. Use a flat brush put a little concealer, lip contour to let the lip area is no longer dirty..



Red lips should be regarded as a kind jewelry, making 9MUSES in "Lip to Lip" brighter. Therefore, users should limit jewelry to wear or if there is only a piece of rope necklace, earrings or small sized!


Video 9MUSES A "Lip to Lip" M/V Makeup



By: Gonzalez Nelson