92-year-old old man, nearly 200 children with 107 wives

Oct 23,2016
Though not rich or powerful, but with certain strength, Mohammed Bello Abubakar tool 107 still loves his wife.

If you have ever visited Nigeria, surely you will hear the legend on Mohammed Bello Abubakar particular, polygamous men most of this land. Although not the power or wealth but still has 107 wives instruments and 185 children.

With the 107 married women, in particular Mohammed is the most polygamous man Nigeria.


As known, the story of 92-year-old old man has become the subject caused a stir in Nigeria since 2008, also has 86 specific time wives and 150 children. Despite divorce with 10 wives, but as of now, the number of concubines of Mohammed specific figure still amounted to 107, breaking the record of all the men in Nigeria.


Many people believe that women come to Mohammed tool largely because of the property but in fact, he was not specific as rich as people think. Still no stable income or local authority but his 92-year-old tools still attractive especially with women. They even considered all loving and perhaps life-like instruments of his life.


Explaining the issue, said Mohammed tool marrying many women are assigned duties which Allah himself. Tools themselves do not see this is wrong doings. In the future, make sure the appliance will marry more women.

Under Islam, men are only allowed to take up to four wives if they can afford care. Thus, the specific case of Mohammed has met with criticism from the local clergy. They are forced to divorce and instruments are retained only 4 people but refused tools. Earlier, 92-year-old old man was court also imprisoned for his marriage. However, all the wives and children of the instruments have strongly rallied in protest, forcing local authorities to release the tool. The main action had caused more confident that their decision to get married was justified.


Despite being criticized for not less but still tools that our decision was absolutely right job.

By: Feedy Jonhson