9 principles of behavior can cause strange when you come to Japan

Oct 29,2016
Japan is a country relatively isolated in the ocean. Many visitors will feel some rules of conduct in the land of the rising sun is quite strange.

Remove shoes when entering the house is the principle must always remember when Japanese tourists. Photo: Theawesomedaily.

1. Always remove shoes when entering the house


This is one of the basic principles, first need to know when traveling in Japan. If someone invites you into the house, do not forget to remove your shoes and put on the shelf at the entrance

2. Prioritize women is not common

Gracious gesture derived from the West, while men always made women go ahead, hold the elevator door ... very rare in Japan.

Female travelers as they approached the door of a building, where a Japanese man has just come out, do not expect they will keep the door open for you to wait. Of course, not all Japanese men are like that.

Bowed to show respect for the opposite. Photo: Via.

3. Continuous bow

This is considered a polite minimum action. Bow show you respect the opposite, instead of greeting.

4. Always queue

Chen goods is one of the rude gesture in the land of the viscera. Even if there is going to delay the fold as the ship, the Japanese are in compliance with this principle absolutely.

5. The university is the catwalk

Young people, university students in Japan are interested in costume. Many students, especially women, to go to school with skirts and high heels like a party going.

There is a whole team of people crammed into the carriages. Photo: Trvl.
6. own team of people crammed into the high-speed train

Trains, high-speed trains in Japan especially crowded in the morning and rush hours. The stops have a dedicated team, is responsible for pushing, cramming passengers into the wagon to the train departure time.

7. Always talk Itadaki masu before eating

Itadaki phrases masu is an invitation, basic etiquette before starting a meal. Put your hands on your chest and say this before handling bowls.

Also, after eating, visitors can talk Gochiso sama, as a thank you.

Collapse sauce slurp when eating noodles known form is courtesy in Japan. Photo: Huffington Post.

8. Create noises when eating noodles

Poker collapse drank a bowl of noodles is considered polite gesture in Japan, showed the guests enjoyed this dish. However, visitors should only create noise when eating noodles in a bowl of water / bowl.

9. Eating live octopus

Live octopus is a Japanese delicacy is favorite. When the animal is cut into sections, it is still moving body. Do not hesitate to put a fleshy wriggle into soy sauce and eaten immediately.

In addition, living in Japan dishes include squid, shrimp, abalone ...

By: Harris Martin