7 mistakes you make when washing your face

Aug 31,2016
Using water that is too hot or cold, wash your face more, regular exfoliation is the common mistakes made when girls often face wash, causing skin damage.

According to Reader's Digest, cleansing is an important step in the process is indispensable skin care, helps remove dirt and sebum to the skin clean. It also helps prevent acne, anti-aging and skin problems. However, a lot of girlfriends cleansing the wrong way, causing heavy damaged skin.

Water too hot or too cold

Dr. Michele Green, a dermatologist in New York aesthetic, US, said overheated water will dry out the skin, while cold water was not as open pores. Warm water temperature is best to wash your face.

Wash your face too many


Dry skin who need to wash your face only 1 time / day, oily skin should wash up to 2 times / day. Wash your face too much can dry out the skin, causing them to produce more oil to compensate. If you only wash your face one time, preferably in the evening to remove dirt and contaminants accumulate in the day.

Exfoliate regularly
Exfoliating can clean skin, brighter. But daily exfoliation can cause skin dryness, skin vulnerable, susceptible to the sun and tanning. Ideally, you should only exfoliate 1 times / week.

Wash your face the wrong way can cause irritated skin, hurt more.

Using dirty towels
Clean towels, cleaning soft effectively face. However, if you are not careful hygiene and properly, will become difficult environment for bacterial growth. Therefore, it is better that you should wash your face with clean water by hand. If you still want to use the towel, or wash them frequently, dried in a dry place, with sunshine.

Using the wrong cleanser

Good foaming cleanser for oily skin, while effective moisturizer for dry skin. Those with oily skin should use a cleanser that contains alpha-hydroxy acids or salicylic acid, but these components to cause harm to other skin types.

Wash your face the wrong way
Regulation of the operation right hand is used when cleansing your fingertips in the form circular massage on the skin surface, the bottom-up direction. As for the concentration of oil as the forehead, nose and chin massage should focus a little longer and use mild scratching fingernails for dirt quickly drifting out. Do not rub too hard onto the skin as it can cause dry skin.

Do not apply moisturizer after cleansing

The best time to apply moisturizer is immediately after cleansing. When the skin is clean, moisturizer will increase the absorption capacity. Do not wait until a new skin cream is completely dry by then hardly absorbed cream that oily skin. However, acne cream should not be applied when the skin moist.


By: Harris Martin