6 habits unwittingly harm your skin

Sep 28,2016
You have to spend money regularly for beauty products, skin care but still hardly skin "flourishes". What is happening here?

1. Exfoliating too much

Not many people believe that exfoliation is the "divine" to remove dirt and make smooth radiant skin. But the result seems to go against what you think. Dirt and bacteria deeper into the skin than just because too much exfoliation. Bad habits will rub, skin abrasion skin hurt. When done with the density will lead to dry skin conditions, inflammation, destroy healthy skin cells. Since then irritated skin produce more melanin as a natural defense mechanism, and skin also produce a lot of oil.

American Board of Dermatology has advice: should only exfoliate your face and body 1-2 times / week. This allows you to remove dead skin cells without causing adverse effects to healthy skin.

2. Use the acne medication over the entire face

It is natural acne and acne cream tube ownership is also essential. But instead of just dab on the acne medication acne, many people also "carefully" to the cream over the entire face. In fact, acne medication is a cure, it is only effective for acne. If topical acne medications on normal skin causes dry skin and stimulates the sebaceous glands produce excess oil and make your acne worse.

If you are facing floods appear unusual acne, you should exfoliate gently 1-2 times / week to help unclog pores. Me just dab acne acne cream and ended up by moisturizing to keep healthy skin cells.

3. Apply eye cream too thick

We were familiar with the advertising image applying eye cream is dense. But the truth is, in the eye creams can contain heavy oil equivalent mineral oil and petroleum. These ingredients are not easily absorbed through the skin, but at a certain level it will "stifle" the pores.

Should not be applied too thick moisturizer and eye cream should choose the right according to age. It is best to select the cream of Formula gentle, easily absorbed through the skin and keep the skin moisture, smooth. A good eye cream will make the user feel like using a serum, by the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and can not tolerate an excess of the cream "Heavy".

4. Use washcloths instead of hand washing

Wipes can remove some dirt and makeup on your skin's surface and not be able to clean the pores. In addition, the cotton fibers to the surface when there is an easily cause scratches. No way more effective skin care to makeup remover to remove makeup. After thorough remover cleanser you should use with natural organic ingredients to gently cleanse the skin.

5. Too many skin care products

Most people keep the habit of regular skin care are "addicts" of beauty. For them, the use of acne cream when the acne appears is natural, or pigmentation changes have also made them care for right product for improvement. But by using too many products at once so their skin facing the risk of inflammation, weakness, worsened.

At every moment, you should specify its desired goal is: acne, whitening or anti-aging? Since then localize the product you are using, do not use mixed many uses multiple lines at once. Each skin care product should be used continuously for at least 1 month before you want to switch to other products, since this is the minimum time you can get this product to be effective or not.

6. Wash your face too closely in the morning

Clean face seems that an extremely great to start the day. But, realistically, when you sleep is the time to be reconstructed skin, pH balance and enhance the production of collagen, the skin is not much dirt and residues stick cosmetic as day, so in the morning, you just need to rinse with water or a mild cleanser is enough, do not necessarily rub too much.

On the care journey to regain perfect skin, you need a lot of perseverance. Only once noted cleanser and moisturizer appropriate that you've mastered 80% victory in the process.

By: Cook Morgan