5 yoga exercises reduce under belly fat

Sep 8,2016
The abdomen is the first place on the body where fat accumulates. Applying some exercises following aerobic fitness you can solve the problems of this obnoxious fat.

The abdomen is the first place on the body where fat accumulates. Removing belly fat is not easy and the belly fat reflect an unhealthy lifestyle. However, with some exercises aerobic fitness, this problem can be solved. The crux of the reduction of abdominal fat is stretched and put pressure on the abdomen. And the following five yoga poses, you can kind of lose belly fat as effectively.

1. On your hands face

To perform this action, your tummy on the floor or yoga mat. Gently lift the body on two hands and two feet, move your arms and legs close together. This time the body is shaped like mountains. Hold for 1 time. When performing this action, you can feel your abdomen is squeezed, promoted for weight loss.

This posture helps to increase bone density and relieve fatigue. This action also helps stretch the body and helps relieve stiffness or soreness, as well as increase blood flow.

2. Posture chair


Upright on the floor or carpet. Bend your knees 2. You can raise or raise 2 hands in front of two arms overhead with palms facing each other.

This posture helps torso, thigh and leg muscles stronger firm. In addition, this action also good for the heart, the diaphragm and the organs in the abdominal cavity.

3. Sitting stooped posture



Sitting on the floor, legs stretched forward 2. 2 hands grabbed the toes and try to touch your nose to your knee. When practicing this posture, you can feel the abdomen suffered a huge pressure, help lose belly fat below.

This position also helps reduce body fat around the waist, bringing flexibility to the body, the silence in the mind and help improve the state of the menstrual cycle in women. This position is also useful for digestive disorders problems and constipation.

4. Posture boat

This action helps to burn fat in the abdominal area. Supine on the floor or yoga mat. Lift legs and arms up in the same direction. Keep movements for a while before returning to its original position. You can feel your body vibrate when performing this action. This is useful for weight loss and reduce abdominal fat.

This posture tightens the entire body and is good for people with a herniated disk.

5. Posture bow

Lying face down on the floor. Put two hands back and grabbed two feet. Try to take one back. This way you can feel the arm, abdomen and legs are stretched. Also abdominal fat were also eliminated.

This posture helps heal the kidney dysfunction, enhanced toughness to the back, chest expansion, reduce the symptoms of menstrual discomfort and firming legs / arms.

By: Phillips Campbell