5 ways use sunscreen to make your skin worsens

Sep 30,2016
There are several ways to use sunscreen and the following day to make the skin thinner, more prone to darken and increase the risk of cancer.

Using the wrong dose

Too little or too much sunscreen will make skin "breathlessness" or not fully protected.

Solution: The amount of face cream is ideal for about 2-3cm in size, equivalent to a coin.

No forward osmosis cream

Apply sunscreen before makeup or even make ice cream out no time to take effect, even causing mysterious skin, acne.

Solution: Put lotion 20 minutes before going out, 3-5 minutes before dressing.

Do not wash your face after using the cream

Other sunscreen lotion, if leave the cream after going way back will pore "enlarged", pimples, skin mau "oily" cream, sun tan more easily.

Solution: Use makeup remover water or at least to rinse cleanser cream.

Abuse of vitamin A

Vitamin A creams, sunscreen when exposed to sunlight will increase the risk of cancer and skin atrophy.

Solution: Use only products with vitamin A in the evening, avoid sunscreens containing vitamin A, no mask tomatoes, carrots, papaya ... before going out in the sun.

Not careful with acne products

Retinol - a form of vitamin A popular acne treatment recently, when exposed to dry skin peeling, thin and easy to eat more sunshine.

Solution: Use topical and oral products containing retinol in the evening, during the frequent acne should carefully shielded.

By: Harris Coleman