5 steps skincare and protection for sunny day

Aug 25,2016
To avoid skin becomes rough, lose elasticity and pigmentation, you should perform the following skin care steps.

In the summer, high temperatures combined with the fumes, the sweat often causes the skin vulnerable. So take care and protect the skin in the summer as should be emphasized.

Practice skin

Massage is very beneficial for the skin increases circulation, helps limit the appearance of wrinkles caused by aging. You should massage gently, against the direction of gravity and the direction of the facial muscles.

In addition to facial exercise, the movement of the body, especially the respiratory movements properly also helps increase blood circulation, which gives skin a healthy, full of life. This massage exercises should be done regularly to stay healthy not only for the body but also increase resistance to the skin, avoiding the negative impacts of extreme weather summer.

Clean skin


Basic skin care steps first is clean. You should shower and wash your face 2 times / day to wash, gentle cleanser. Show cosmetic products on the market is very diverse, with specially formulated ingredients suitable for your skin type so that users can most intensive skin care. On advice from the experts, women should use the product is extracted from natural materials, has a clean safety effects, while providing nutrition, moisturize the skin.


Many people believe that exfoliation will do more tanned leather easy. But in reality, only when exfoliating too much and the wrong way of making new skin is thin and weak, poor recovery and vulnerable. With a frequency of once / week, 3-4 times / month (for dry skin), exfoliating dead skin will actually help skin better light, absorb nutrients better from nourishing mask.


For a fresh skin and healthy, care moisturizing step is equally important to clean the skin. Whatever kind of leather, the use moisturizer is still very necessary. If possible, women should see a dermatologist to measure elasticity and sebum, thereby choosing moisturizer is best suited to their skin.

Time apply appropriate moisturizer is right after a shower. That is when the skin retain moisture is still certain. However, you should only apply to the amount sufficient to saturate the skin cream. Do not apply creams thick, just wasting prone to clogging pores.


Excessive sun exposure will cause premature aging of skin, thick horns over, darken, aggravate certain skin diseases like acne, melasma, freckles, red lupus, inflammatory skin light and the potential risk of skin cancer .

In hot weather conditions and prolonged heat, skin prone to dehydration, dryness and flaking. Therefore, if the traditional makeup foundation layer to create high coverage, very prone skin flat, greasy, less natural. Clogged pores and cause acne bran easy. The solution to avoid this is BB or CC cream line. BB or CC cream can replace the foundation, powder and concealer government. You do not need to apply too many layers of cosmetics on the skin, but still radiant faces, harmonious, natural.

By: Gonzales Bryant