5 reasons why thin people eat a lots, but not forever fat

Sep 14,2016
Genetic factors or dietary imbalances cause you to eat more than usual, but still gaunt, lifeless.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors affecting issues such as hormonal, metabolic Basically, taste. They help maintain one's weight at a predefined despite all efforts to gain weight or lose weight.

Dietary imbalances

Many concepts, want to gain weight fast, eat a lot of rice more meat, eat less vegetables but this is actually a misconception.

Many concepts, want to gain weight fast, eat a lot of rice more meat, eat less fruit and vegetables. This is a misconception. In essence, the starch is only enough to meet the minimum activity of the body. In addition, the body can only absorb best when supplied with sufficient nutrients. So, to gain weight in a healthy way, add an adequate and reasonable amount of starch, protein, fat, along with vitamins and minerals to the body.

Poorly performing digestive system

Digestive system not working well is one of the main reasons that many thin people gain weight is difficult. This may be due to the beneficial intestinal flora is not performing well or are suffering from the gastrointestinal tract, causing lower sales process and convert food hampered. You need to visit a specialist for advice appropriate therapeutic direction.


Too rapid metabolism

Their skin is often warmer than lean people fat people, folk often say it is because they are "hot". In essence, thin skin of the larger radiating heat is due to the metabolic process occurs too quickly, turn into heat energy and "escape" out through the skin. This is the reason why people gain weight skinny difficult.



Work stress, sedentary

According to nutrition experts, who work in an environment of intense high pressure, at rest and lack of time is often inhibited motor nerve, causing loss of appetite, poor absorption. If you can not change jobs, you should balance the time to rest and work, more exercise to relieve stress, helps appetite.

By: Young Hernandez