5 helpful tips when using Gear 360

Nov 5,2016
Located in the technology ecosystem Galaxy, Samsung Gear 360 is one of the cameras, striking 360 degree video recording market.

With 5 helpful tips below, users will have the exciting experience with Gear 360.

Options for flexible lens
On the Samsung Gear 360, users have two options when taking pictures or shooting video, including mode "single lens" (Single Len Mode) and "Double Lens" (Len Dual Mode). In default mode, the device uses two cameras to simultaneously reproduce a panoramic 360-degree space.

Users have the flexibility to use the lens.

In some cases, users have the flexibility to use the mode "single lens" (Single Len Mode) with a wide viewing angle of 195 degrees. Convert each mode by clicking directly on the application interface 360 ​​Gear Manager on your phone screen. Or the user can hold down the Menu button on the camera body until the menu that appears and click the red Record button.

When new users are not able to use immediately acquainted with the unique perspective that photographs or video 360 degrees bring. So the app offers the option "Show before shooting" which allows users to view photos or video through the finished product.

Users can get a general perspective before the shooting, shooting.

This feature is shown by the icon located next spherical shutter. Users can also use this mode to access every detail zoom.

Create fast-forward the video effects
Besides traditional options, Samsung Gear 360 supports rotation timelapse videos with time-lapse effects. Users choose the different time points ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds, change the resolution of the video to fit for each different condition. Timelapse video clips filmed from Samsung Gear 360 Sub-UHD standard (3.840x1.920 pixels), equivalent to 4K standard - standards commonly used in movie theaters.

To quick as timelapse video recording, users press the Menu button on the camera body integration, moved to timelapse mode and press the Record button. Interactive features directly on the phone, through the application Gear 360 Manager.

Share virtual reality space
Use camera combined Gear VR virtual reality glasses to help users share the beautiful moments in life with family and friends. To do this, after taking a picture or recording a video, the user chooses View on Gear VR feature (View on Gear VR) at the settings on applications Gear 360 Manager and connect your phone to the glass. Anyone have experience with glasses pictures, videos truest manner.

The footage will come alive with virtual reality glasses.

Change timer
In default mode, 360 Gear Manager to mark time in the 3-second timer, ie image or video was filmed just 3 seconds after pressing the shutter button. However users to easily change this option in the settings at 360 Gear Manager app.

Gear 360 can set timer photography, video recording.
Samsung Gear 360 has official presence in the market with a suggested retail price of 6.99 million.

By: Turner Phillips