4 yoga postures before bedtime your slender shape

Oct 22,2016
Yoga is not only good for health but also help you get in shape waist, thighs compact. Simple postures good for health, and to improve the beauty of yourselves!


1. Posture boating

In this position, the same as when you paddle, you sit on the floor, back straight, legs bent, put his hand on the forearm. Breathe, raise your hands up high, two legs parallel to the ground. Then, continue to breathe, stretch your legs straight upward, fingers trying to touch the instep, ensuring that the entire focusing attention on the abdomen, so belly trembled and feel, keep breathing in 8-10 seconds and then return to the starting position.

This is the most difficult position. This yoga posture can help you exercise for the abdomen, legs and arms. 

2. Posture cat

You make stooped and put body weight on four points as hands and knees. Hands apart a distance by the shoulders, knees apart a distance equal to the hip. Slowly sunken belly, feeling the navel pulled toward the spine, pushing back higher up to create tension for the spine. Lower and relax neck, head as you breathe out.

This position is very similar to a cat stretched was new. 

3. Posture bow

Speaking to bow you imagine yoga movements for this slim bow similar to the name.

You lying, arms outstretched in both sides of the body, the legs closed, foreheads touching the ground. Putting his hands behind grabbed the legs, slowly lift your legs slightly open.

Breathe, continue lifting up the body, the back curved bow shape, tilt the head very back, neck lift to the maximum and the legs stretched up high, natural breathing, pausing for a few seconds. A vacuum is too wide separation, collection hips back.

Exercise helps slim thighs and buttocks. 

4. Posturencobra 

You then lie face down on the floor, closed the back legs, forehead touching the ground, his hands on the floor, knees elbows touch the ground. Next, breathe and looked upward, lifting the chest leave the ground.

Use of force against lifting arms to the body up, straighten the elbow, exhale, opening his throat behind his back, staring up at the ceiling. By working hard every day, yoga postures 4 above will help you own physique slim waist and amazing body.

Leaning posture is good for the spine. 

By: Gray Ramirez