4 exciting variations from male shirt

Nov 14,2016
You can create incredibly dresses and feminine tone momentum from a boyfriend's shirt.

You never thought to requisition other half's shirt as a fashion item. Baggy shirt, how can help your posture and strut their sexy glamorous image of women? However, you will be surprised by just with a simple operation, coarse shirt of eyebrow whiskers to help you up incredibly beautiful there.
"Witch" make-up Michelle Phan Vietnamese origin suggests some simple variations, you can fully unleash your creativity to create new design lovely dress and younger.

Four types of variations you absolutely can do to create beautiful dresses from shirts of the boys
Type 1:

- Pull the clothes chest, hugging its alignment to the chest, avoiding too large can cause "accidents Highway" or losing too tight in shape as well as making the wearer feel mysterious cypress, dyspnea.
- The sleeve tie front waist dexterity, forming roses to create focal points for the dress.
Type 2:

- Remove the forced hand of type 1, squeeze sections left to right sleeve, the sleeves have to squeeze on the shoulder.

- At the shoulder, forcing 2 flap sleeve lovely bow shape.
Type 3:

- Still wearing a chest, but rotated counterclockwise so that the buttons behind.

- Swipe the shirt flat and in-form shape, forced out after two sleeves, forming a neat bow, beautiful.
Type 4:


Combining add a shirt to match the color of men's shirts turn into foot patch


Video 4 exciting variations from male shirt

By: Turner Phillips