4 design TV models new monolithic Samsung

Nov 5,2016
With minimalist design ideas (purism), the company simultaneously launched a new TV collections including Dignity, Triumph, Joy and Joiiii.


Frame of the TV screen in 4 collections were completely removed to increase the viewing angle.

In the most high-end segment, Dignity Borderless TVs are ultra-thin design. In addition, other details are minimalist, accompanying the base metal and the back flat face, no screw fittings.

Design of TV Dignity impressed by the beauty seamlessly from front to back.

Triumph is distinguished by 2 TV lines carved beautiful stand, lift the screen and maximum expansion point of view. The base can be easily removable without the use of screws. Users can also customize calibration widths to suit location home interior.

Triumph can be adjusted to suit the interior of the house.

Joy and Joiiii
Continue to pursue school and ultrathin monolithic, Joiiii special thanks to minimalist design and customizable left 4 feet (4 letter i comes in the name). This is considered a creative point when manufacturers switched from stand to stand to use, helping to adjust the horizontal direction or upwards TV, suitable location and your space.

4 of Joiiii stand makes it easy to adjust the direction consistent with the position.

By: Isabella Wright