3D makeup secrets

Nov 27,2016
3D eye makeup style is more modern calling of coordination 2 color eyes upwards not already familiar with her makeup connoisseur.

 This type of make-up effects created eyed, deeply attracted to - things that all Asian girls are dreaming. And if you still do not really believe the words shiny above.


Big round eyes with eye makeup style 3D - romantic pink

Lessons which are considered "broken heart" of any girl in the classroom any makeup, pink tone always occupied by its extremely sympathetic "easygoing" in matching color or costume. Especially for those she loves what has, romantic.

Step 1: After completing the perfect substrate with rose water, cream liner, foundation, concealer and powder coated, add 1 dab your eyes or bb cream emulsion layer thin up vote eye to keep up the standard color tone and more long-lasting.


Step 2: Using pink eyeshadow powder form marble pattern covering the entire sky eyes. You can use foam brushes or ring finger lightly miles.



Products are used as an eyeshadow 3 color cosmo Hyper Red Romantic Trio.

Step 3: Change the small brush to spread pollen darker eye socket contour creates a 3D volume and depth of eye elected. Notes: The girl can distinguish the eye and eye socket elected as follows: the eye is the emergence elected, there is a sunken eye sockets on the eyes.

Do not forget to click on and watch contour 1/3 eyelid from the tail under the eyes to create the big round eyes.

Step 4: Use chalk highlight (lightest) light canopy brow bone mass produce clear.

Step 5: Clamp shirt and thick mascara to curved lashes. However, to achieve maximum effect, please rub mascara tree in the middle of two palms while.

This will warm up the fluid inside, making them more grip.

Vertical broaching  zigzag upward to both government and non-gel lumps.

Step 6: Using pink lipstick and eye color tones to create harmony and romance.


You can direct carmine or finger to control mild mile easy tone.

Step 7: Use blusher to her cheeks spread slightly to add fresh faces and feminine.

Light Scattering in the highest part of the cheekbone to achieve the highest efficiency. So are you ready to "transform" into a lovely girl, full of romance in his eyes I got you!

You see, in order to become what has she not "flexibility of the glass" at a head start!


Video 3D makeup secrets

By: Tansania Alia