3 things to do every morning to prolong youth

Oct 20,2016
Some doing can not simpler every morning this will help you stay healthy and prolong their youth.

1. Breathing exercises

Medical experts recommend, early morning waking sat up, will make sudden changes in blood pressure, leading to dizziness headache.

The best way to do that after the opening of the eyes, do not sit up straight in bed that movement of limbs a little, after about 5 minutes get up.

Within a 5-minute campaigning on this bed, first you should lie to the left, then tilted the wrong must then return the supine position, continue to stretch three times, with all my strength to the shoulder belts and the joints are stretched.

After doing all the actions above, you should leave the new bed, leaned conducted about 10 times and take a deep breath and relax the whole body, breath conditioning.

Finally stepped out, took a big breath into her mouth and then slowly breathe out. This breathing will excrete these "bare Engineering" (dirty air) out, and help the body absorb the fresh air of the morning.

Simple set of movements and breathing steadily to health more supple. (Photo: Internet)

2. Look atĀ four sides

Eye exercises simple poles are conducted sequentially following the steps below.

Step 1: Stand up straight, eyes looking straight, then slowly looked away to the east.

Step 2: Eyes half-closed, heads bowed, moved south Visionary.

Step 3: Continue the half-closed his eyes, bowed his head, looked out to redirect the west.

Step 4: Finally, eyes half-closed, heads bowed, looking further north.

This exercise helps us to change the movement of the eyes, to help newly trained eyes, just be relaxed.

3. Go defecation

Health experts recommend that we should maintain the habit of defecating in the morning, once a day.

This habit not only helps us to eliminate the residues from the previous day, but also helps maintain equilibrium and stability within the body.

When using the toilet, you should not take too much effort to avoid anal fissure, especially for those suffering from constipation.

Besides, in the process of elimination, you should think of fun things to keep the spirit in a positive state. Psychological comfort will further impact to the intestines, helping the rapid excretion and pleasant.

By: Harris Martin