12 wonderful places not welcome tourists massive

Oct 29,2016
Fearing damage to the environment and turbulent life of the native people, some famous tourist sites consider limiting the number of visitors.

Santorini, Greece: The island is famous for blue and white tones will change significantly in the near future, to limit the wave of tourists take the train up to the sea with the number of 10,000 people per day during peak season from May 5-9. In 2017, the island will start to limit the number of visitors to 8,000 people / day.

Norway: According to The Local, Norsk Friluftsliv, Norway is calling for limits to tourists trekking famous attractions include Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Trolltunga (Troll Tongue - The tongue Devils). Norway's relief team has performed 34 emergency rescue at Pulpit Rock this year. Due to the number of injury accidents and quite a lot, the Norwegian Tourist Association urged in August issued new rules banning tourists climb up the place.


Venice (Italy): In addition to rising water levels threaten infrastructure, the city of love also saw the number of tourists flock here every time an increase. Some scholars argue that the original Venice will completely alive here in 2030 by tourists increased, rising rents caused the natives no longer afford to pay.
To reduce the number of tourists, Italia Nostra group asked the authorities banned boats in the harbor, and the group must place before winter to the city.


Koh Tachai, Thailand: The island of Similan National Park, closed since May 10/2015 after receiving too many tourists. Including Koh Khai Ba Nok island, Koh Khai Nui, and Koh Khai Nai in Phuket also imitate. Travel agents must comply with strict regulations regarding visitors to at what time, where, and how the island. The chairs and the beach though was left.

Zion National Park, Utah, USA: Zion expected to welcome a record number this year, with 4 million visitors. However, to prevent soil erosion, overloaded vehicles, park leaders are considering limiting the number of visitors through the new booking system.


Barcelona, ​​Spain: Plan of the managers is to balance the interests of tourists and locals, the restrictive policy before things get out of control. May 5/2016, city consider adopting new tourist tax for visitors to the city without overnight stay, and travelers boats.


Bhutan: Located in western Himalayan Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan proud of tourism "at the quality". All foreign visitors, except for passport holders of India, the Maldives, Bangladesh, must apply for a visa and booking through a travel agents Bhutan.


Guests also have to pay the minimum days before tour packages at USD 200-250 per day, depending on the month by the Royal Government of Bhutan provisions, paid by transferring money through Bhutan Tourism Commission. The fee includes accommodation, meals, guides, transportation, health care, poverty reduction. Only 155,121 tourists to Bhutan in 2015, of which 57 537 foreign tourists, the rest are tourists India, Bangladesh and the Maldives.


Iceland: On May 5 2015, the number of tourists to Iceland increased by 76% over the same period in 2014, and in 2017, Iceland will have more US visitors than its population. Currently, Iceland Tourist Board and Tourism Research Center is to learn about the overload of landmarks before implementing remedial measures.


Machu Picchu, Peru: UNESCO is encouraged to adopt measures to strictly control the number of visitors to Machu Picchu. Foreign tourists must hire guides, according to the 3rd entrance to the complex, and is limited in time to avoid visiting overload. In 2014, about 1.2 million tourists visiting the Inca, exceeded the limit of 2,500 days by Peru and UNESCO regulations. Citadel has been listed as "dangerous" by UNESCO earlier this year.


Cinque Terre, Italy: Cluster 5 picturesque villages along the Ligurian Sea, Cinque Terre is one of the most famous sites in Italy. However, the authorities have recently announced plans to limit the number of people allowed to travel with concerns about environmental issues. 2.5 million visitors to the Cinque Terre in 2015, this number will be limited to 1.5 million from now on.


Antarctica: In 2009, the number of tourists mutations lead to the approval of the Antarctic Treaty. Of these, over 500 marine vessels are not docked, the number of tourists on the shore is limited to 100 people. Visitors to the pristine environment will have to register through travel agencies and the organizers are government-approved. Time ashore and sailing are strictly controlled.


Everest: Nepal Government to take steps to control such tourists increased fees for foreign tourists climbing 10,000 to $ 11,000, and the establishment of liaison offices at base camp to check the experience, condition health and climbing abilities of the visitors. May 9/2015, Nepal banned the novice climbers, as well as consider the age limits. In addition, the group also decreased in number to avoid being overwhelmed.

By: Gonzalez Nelson