10 women's fashion items confusing for men

Oct 25,2016
Leggings, long dress designs skirt, sequin or torn pants ... as fashion items favored by women but makes men find it hard to understand and did not like.

Legging-style pants and strange: Although popular, men still feel puzzled with this type of women like pants baggy pants baggy or tight leggings. They see their symmetry breaking rate of the body and also lose the mysterious charm of the woman.

Dresses, skirts format: When men see women wear things like this, they always wondered what it is: a dress or a coat? If it is a shirt, why they do not wear the pants? In addition, this style fit very few people.


Wearing shorts attached leggings: Men think should wear shorts in the summer. Therefore, they can not understand why women wear them with leggings again, with boots.


Pink doll outfits: It may sound odd that men do not like this most feminine color, but it's true. Nuanced pink and girls should choose the more pleasant tones like pink form, pink or rose quartz.


Sparkling sequin clothing: The outfits like this can cause eye pain men. They think sequin sparkle for childhood or New Year. And they will be afraid to touch when you view the same map.

Shrugged: Girlfriend loves to wear the costume dirt shrugged, frilly or feminine ribbon, however, should avoid to wear on a date. Men do not like women usually covers these items.


Torn map: One of the items of women that men do not understand that it was the jeans torn or sloppy clothes, tassels. So if your boyfriend does not rock fan, it is better not to present this fashion in front of him.


Short skirt: short skirts Slightly odd that the listed items are not attractive men. They do not understand what this dress can cover anything floating.


Boots bread: Men think the boots are not specific shape, this ugly strange and could not understand why a lot of women love.

High-heeled boots: These boots gangly, padded insole even made men list stripper thinking. They also found that women look like robots on these shoes.



By: Gonzales Bryant