10 tips to remove wrinkles around your eyes

Sep 26,2016
Wrinkles appear around the eyes makes the face look older. Please tell you the secret unit helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and remedying

1. Enough nutrition

Ensure adequate supply of nutrients to the body to help maintain the speed required to produce substances such as elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, thus maintaining the structure of skin health and beauty. Should stay away from harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarettes ... because they will make skin aging.

2. Drink enough water

Water helps skin to excrete these substances are harmful to the body through sweat glands and maintain moisture for the skin, chapped skin and prevent dryness - the root causes leading to the appearance of wrinkles. Abroad often, you can drink the juice supplements to enhance the levels of vitamins and minerals to the skin.

3. Spirit of comfort

Reduce stress and avoid stress because stress often can alter hormone levels, affect the skin and facial features young.

4. Get enough sleep

Need to arrange a time to work and proper rest helps the eyes relax, increase your energy, bring bright and youthful eyes.

5. Wash your face gently

Do not press or rub the skin around the eyes while strong makeup remover, cleanser and cream time because over time, the strong movements can cause eye wrinkles.

6. Limit artificial scents

Do not use the facial skin care products and anti-wrinkle eye creams that contain artificial fragrances.

7. Massage the forehead

The forehead skin care also means taking care of the skin around the eyes. If the skin on your forehead wrinkles, the eye area is difficult to avoid the risk of the effects of stretch marks. You should massage the forehead from left to right 30 seconds, then massage in a circle for 30 seconds more, the massage movements should perform at bedtime will work to stretch the muscles forehead and eye area, reduce wrinkles.

8. Exercise for eyes

Exercise for eyes aimed at enhancing visual acuity and reduce the formation of stretch marks around the eyes. Simply open the eye movements are loud about 3 seconds, then closed her eyes tightly for about 3 seconds, do 10 times / day.

Exercise your eyes by closing eyes tightly and opened her eyes loudly about 3 seconds.

9. Lotion eye masks

You can choose one of two types of masks is simple but very effective this:

- Option 1: Use egg whites apply directly to the crow's feet will help reduce stretch marks and shrink the pores on your face.

- Option 2: Use papaya juice applied to the eye area, should be applied with caution to avoid seconds into the eye. Papaya contains papain is such kind of "weapon" nonspecific help you prevent wrinkles effectively.

10. Eye protection when out in the sun

UV rays are harmful to the skin and is the main culprit of skin aging such as wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes region. Habit of squinting when it gets too sunny as well as one of the causes of wrinkles that. So you should choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to apply to the skin 30 minutes before going out and wearing sunglasses with proper UV index for eye protection when out in the sun.

By: Young Hernandez