10 outfits of women makes men 'bored'

Oct 22,2016
Shorts out leggings and tattered jeans are things never seen men attractive.

There are different types of women's clothes that men can not love and do not understand. But sometimes they do not dare to show or will not think too delicate to say the things against women. Bright Side analyzed from forums, journals men and make a list of women's outfits are not preferred men:

1. The style leggings, pants looks odd


There are several types of clothing that women wear beautiful little man does not see: Pants down barrel shape or leggings baggy tunics bunch. The first is the type of clothing that break the symmetry ratio of the body, the second is that it undermines the seductive mystery of the woman.

2. The shirt dress or long shirt dress form

When men see a woman wearing things like this, they wondered what it was: a dress or a gown? If it is a shirt, why not wear enclosed sisters pants? Moreover, this style really only with very few people.

3. Shorts worn over leggings

Men think they should only wear shorts summer. They could not understand why the girls wearing short shorts and leggings outside the boots and helmet distribution.

4. The pink doll

It may sound strange to make men do not like this most feminine color, but the truth is. Pink many colors and there are some easy calming tones such as pink eye view form, pink or rose quartz.

5. Clothes sa diamond, sparkle

These dresses are usually made décor man seemed confused and a bit too. They like shiny things the kids, for the new year and they may be afraid to touch his wife or lover when wearing this.

6. Furniture has shrugged dirt

Whether you like to wear the fat swing, the frill, ribbon, then it is best to avoid wear on a date. Men generally do not like a woman wears this type of item.

7. Tattered clothes

Another thing that men do not understand is: The torn jeans or sloppy clothes, tassels. So if your boyfriend does not rock fan, it is better not to view this map in front of him.

8. Super short skirts

Surprisingly, ultra short skirts on the list of outfits not attractive in the eyes of men. Men do not understand the dress to cover such expenses as anything.

9. Boots bread

Men see the boots look "fat, clunky old" this is weird and not understand how it gets so many women prefer, even if the weather is not too cold.

10. Gangly boots

These boots are not only the base gangly that even high padded uppers are also creating balance for men who travel makes "allergy". They found that women look like robots when this fashion area.

So what men find attractive


There are some items in the eye always fashionable men: jeans bundle with simple shirts, dresses, high waisted skirts, shirts and all kinds of clothes that do not look like the product of the imagination of the designers crazy. In addition, they also liked the costumes look chic and easy for everyone.

By: Foster Gonzales