Gorgeous photoshoot after 10 years of traveling
Nov 3, 2016

Travel around the world for over 10 years, photographer Pascal Mannaerts (who Brussels, Belgium) has long explored the culture, and impressive pictures.

12 wonderful places not welcome tourists massive
Oct 29, 2016

Fearing damage to the environment and turbulent life of the native people, some famous tourist sites consider limiting the number of visitors.

Han Se-drama Femme Fatale Makeup

Han Se-drama Femme Fatale Makeup

Jan 5, 2017

From her head to her feet, even her charm, she is a gem! Did she get the help of Cinderella's new mother? Newly dressed up ~

Girl's Day MINAH Inspired Makeup
Jan 19, 2017

Hey guys! I have another kpop inspired makeup tutorial! I decided to do this look by MINAH from her music video "I am a woman too", because it's very simple and easy.

Shu Uemura Metallic Collection
Jan 19, 2017

Hey guys!!!! I wanted to show you guys the new Shu Uemura Metallic Collection!

Uses magic of ice on your face in the morning
Oct 23, 2016

Whether you are aware of the utility of beauty "gods" of the stone cold, especially ice in the morning.

5 ways use sunscreen to make your skin worsens
Sep 30, 2016

There are several ways to use sunscreen and the following day to make the skin thinner, more prone to darken and increase the risk of cancer.

Bangkok Beauties Show Us What We’re Missing At The Thai Motor Show

Bangkok Beauties Show Us What We’re Missing At The Thai Motor Show

Dec 22, 2016

While we lust over the latest sheetmetal being unveiled at the Javits Center in New York City, over 8,500 miles away in Bangkok, Thai Motor Show is taking place.

What Makes a Good Laptop for a Programmer?
Mar 29, 2017

Choosing a laptop is not an easy task, choosing the right laptop for programmers is even a harder task. Follow us to learn how pick the right laptop for programming.

Apple testing MacBook OLED same iPhone 8
Nov 5, 2016

It is not clear yet when Apple is ready equipped with OLED display for the MacBook. Meanwhile, sources said that the iPhone 8 will use this display technology.

4 design TV models new monolithic Samsung
Nov 5, 2016

With minimalist design ideas (purism), the company simultaneously launched a new TV collections including Dignity, Triumph, Joy and Joiiii.